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The wiki about the 07-Ghost Anime and Manga that anyone can edit, originally written and illustrated by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara.
We aim to be as large as any other wikia around here by having all the 07-GHOST achieve and related materials.
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Beuracrat Needed

Anyone intrested in becoming the new main admin, please Contact Me. I want to step down, as I dont wanna spoil the anime, by reading the manga right now. I will help whenever needed, and will create any article which is needed, but since the manga is, as far as I know, well ahead, the updating will not be done by me.

The things I'm looking for, in the new Beurocrat, is simple: Commitment & Dedication.

Please contact me regarding this.

I will start off by making you an admin, and the best one will become the new beuracrat.

In this wiki, I want there to be 2 beurocrats (including me), and 5 admins.

While I am stepping down, please understand, that I am doing so, because I dont wanna spoil the anime, or hold this wiki back

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Teito Klein

Teito Klein 01.jpg

The protagonist of the story. A former slave captured by the Barsburg Empire and considered to be the military academy's star pupil. His homeland is the former Kingdom of Raggs, and he was raised as an orphan in a church.

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