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Title Kuroyuri
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Gender Male
Birthday 25 September
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Previous Partner Haruse
Powers Warsfeil
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Kuroyuri (クロユリ) Voiced by: Chiwa Saito is a main antagonist and subordinate of Ayanami. He/she seems close to Ayanami and adresses him with the -sama suffix. Formerly he/she worked with Haruse, but after he was killed by Labrador, he/she swore revenge on the bishop. He/she is a talented Warsfeil and is responsible for Frau being imprisoned.


During his/her first appearances, he was sleeping. When awakened for duty, to which he normally volunteers for, he is bloodthirsty and kills without reason. The only two people he seems connected with are Haruse and Ayanami.


Kuroyuri is an androgynous individual with long, pink hair kept in a braid, normally on one of his/her shoulders. He/she has an eye patch, and it has never been revealed if the eye was lost or not. His/her uniform is the same as her teammates, however, he/she is seemingly the youngest and shortest.

Kuroyuri's gender has been of much debate, however, in an omake he/she makes note to Frau that he/she is not a girl, leading to the conclusion that he/she is male. Also in the manga Kuroyuri is revered to by the Blackhawks as he/him.

But when Kuroyuri's gender was asked for Kuroyuri said it it's a secret.

In a separate chapter done by the creators of 07-Ghost, Kuroyuri is shown in a dress as a young child after being poisoned, adding to the debate that he/she is female.


Kuroyuri and Haruse initially break into the Barsburg Church and cause turmoil by unleashing Wars. While Haruse tends to other matters, Kuroyuri plays with Frau, leading nearly to his death. However, Kuroyuri instead frames Frau by implanting a Warsfeil dagger on his person, causing him to be incarcerated. Later, he/she finds Haruse dead, covered with Labrador's flowers and vows to get revenge.


As one of Ayanami's subordinates, Kuroyuri is a talented Warsfeil. He/she is seemingly the strongest one, being that the other members of the team address him/her with an honorific. He/she is intelligent, convincing the church that a trusted bishop had betrayed them. It is also possible that Kuroyuri can weild a Warsfeil dagger, being that he summoned one in his/her fight with Frau.