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Kuroyuri Lily Von Redgrave
Title Kuroyuri
Romanji Kuroyuri rirī fon reddogurēvu
Kanji 黒百合リリィ・フォン・レッドグレイヴ
Gender Female
Birthday 25 September
Age 30B
Height 145cm (4'9)
Weight 37 kg (81 ibs)
Blood Type O
Partner Haruse
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Powers Weapon summoning,Warsfeil,Black Violin,Book of Rules
Family Sapphire Wish (Creator)

Sukuna Gojo (Older brother) Ai Nava (little sister) Zero and Ichiru Kiryu (little brothers) Doll End (little sister) Ryuji Korekuni (little brother) Elaine Roseblade (little sister) Celestine Yvone Asura (little sister) Ruka Nogi (little brother)

Kuroyuri (クロユリ) Voiced by: Chiwa Saito is a main antagonist and subordinate of Sapphire. she seems close to Ayanami and adresses him with the -sama suffix. Formerly she worked with Haruse.


  • Kuroyuri has a mean crazy bloodthirsty and manupulative personality, while doing her mission everything that happened was Kuroyuri and Sapphire plan all along


  • Kuroyuri is an anomonous individual with long, pink hair that chages her hairstyle based on her mood. she has an eye patch, to cover up her hetherochromia which is the sign that she's the Godess of Weapon and Music . Her uniform is the same as her teammates, however when Kuroyuri's identity was discoverd she chages her appearance as the real Kuroyuri, she is seemingly the youngest and shortest when she's with the Blackhawks and the 5th smallest member of 9Dolls.
  • Kuroyuri keep her gender a secret .


  • As the Godess Of Weapon and Music there's no weapon that existed that Kuroyuri don't have, Kuroyuri is the best musician in Enternity Empire and can summon the legndary Black Violin that 10x more harder to play than a normal violin but she's the only one who can play it perfectly, Kuroyuri wield the Book of Rules even though she doesn't obey the rules, Kuroyuri can surprass Sukuna the most strongest of 9Dolls when she goes berserk even if she don't remember at all .