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Labrador is a slender man with lavender hair and eyes. He wears a full length black jacket that is lined with a fur like material at the neck and wrists, also wearing a pair of black gloves. He can also be seen in formal bishop robes.


His re

Labrador (Ilyusha Krat) being warned by his Vines

al name is Ilyusha, which is discovered by Teito and co. through the memories of Lem, his old friend. He is the grandson of the Krat family's leader and spends most of his time in his greenhouse. Lem and his younger sister, Lirin were orphans that the Krat household adopted. The three of them were close friends. Labrador (Ilyusha) had precognition ever since he was little, allowing him to 'see' where medicinal herbs would grow. Lirin was a sickly child, often falling sick until at one point, her illness could not be cured. Krat tells Lem about 'The Flower of Eden'- a mystical flower that is said not only able to heal any illness, but also any sadness. Lem urges Ilyusha to tell him about the said flower. A few days later, a sealed letter filled with petals arrived. In it was written; "If you burn these petals as incense, Lirin would definitely be happy." Grateful, Lem hurried to Ilyusha's greenhouse, only to discover the imperial soldiers sealing the place off. Ilyusha was devoured by the forbidden flower- The Flower of Eden. Blinded by grief, Lem seals Ilyusha's body and Profe's seal together, calling it 'his most precious treasure in the world.'


A bishop whose hobby is gardening, he gives Teito a flower of protection at the start of the manga which later saves his life during an encounter with a Kor. He also gives Teito a drink made from sweet flowers to heal his 'wounds of the heart'. He doesn't wish to kill Veloren, only for him to live in the world as a proper human.


During battles, he is able to use flowers and vines as weapons. He is also a Ghost, known as 'Profe'. His powers as a Ghost grant him the gift of foresight, which allowed him to aid Teito before Teito's first encounter with a Kor.


Labrador's Zaiphon is of a healing type, which he uses to heal wounds or to share his zaiphon with others as a form of protection.